As part of our Incubator Programme, for up to 6 months, you can be part of an intensive programme which will help you to improve your career preparation, gain and develop new skills, broaden and applying your knowledge, at the same time that you are certificated in up to three different courses: Sustainability, Micro-MBA and Innovation. No matter what your academic background is but your interest in learning about sustainability and innovation topics, including a business perspective.

You could also have an online internship placement guaranteed in European companies at the same time you are receiving professional coaching focused on the most demanded skills in this work field.


“I’ve had an amazing first month at Sustainable Innovations (SIE)‘s incubator program. I’m learning technical knowledge every day while developing useful professional skills in the field of impact consulting and sustainability assessment. Thanks to Sustainable Innovations (SIE) and LOMARTOV SL for making this possible. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and excited for what’s to come in the next five months!!”

Edgar Contreras

Project Intern – Lomartvov S.L.

“LOMARTOV SL is proud of being part of the #Incubator launched by Sustainable Innovations (SIE) to train future leaders in #Sustainability and boost the sector as a launchpad to their professional career. Thank you, Edgar Contreras and Sustainable Innovations (SIE)!”

Lomartov S.L.

“We are very happy with the interns, their performance, motivations and quality of work they are doing (…) I’m really satisfied, learning a lot myself as well and getting fresh feedback from them on UNIMOS’ activities is also very enriching. So really happy and really thankful for this opportunity!”

Katarzyna Kowalska

President & Co-Founder – Unimos alliance

“We are so happy with Valeria as her work is really good and useful for our company. Despite this being an online internship, we are very well coordinated with her and we have daily meetings of between 20 and 60 minutes to share progress and plan tasks” 

Pablo Cueto

Co-Founder and CFO – MOOEVO

“I am learning a lot (…) I like the confidence my tutor gives me and I know that I can speak of any doubt without any fear. And yes, I am involved in an ERASMUS+ project and today I had a meeting with another partner to support a project with the Autonomous Community of Madrid 

José Barrera

Intern – Impact Hub Madrid